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Jesus said

                “Heal the sick, unite people in loving kindness, raise people from the death of depression;   and heal mental illness"

                                                                ...........Tai Chi does just this

          Clive George invites you and your  group to attend a FREE online Tai Chi class every Thursday morning 10.30-11.30am.  Seldom understood in the West, Tai Chi is an ideal supplementary exercise for all those following a healing, meditational, light working or spiritual path. It is a highly advanced spiritual discipline which uses ancient  “Spiritual Light” meditations to gently awaken and balance  the practitioner’s chakras and energy pathways.

             The class is taught by Clive George, a Christian and spiritual healer who has been practicing Tai Chi for over 40 years. He is also the author of the book 'Tai Chi The Spiritual Way'.

        The class is streamed live from Glastonbury, England.   Being online allows you to  learn Tai Chi in the covid safety of your own home, without the worry of learning in an inside space full of other people. The class includes easy to do exercise routines such as the ancient 8 golden exercises; the Healing Form which as the name suggests is great for health; and the 8 basic Tai Chi move routine. They are done stationary so don’t take up too much room in your home.  The lessons are taught just as a  regular ones, but being online you have a front row position.

 No previous Tai Chi  knowledge is needed , and you can join the class whether your young or old, fit or unfit, healthy or unhealthy. 

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