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                         A number of parents have said that they want their children to continue Karate but would like to do online lessons for the time being due to Covid. This is fully understandable.  There are so many mixed messages from the Government and no one is sure what the future will hold.

                         Right now I’m teaching all my Tai Chi lessons by zoom, and I was wondering if your child will be interested in Karate lessons on line as well. Most other martial art clubs are already doing this, and it looks like this may be the future.

                            Actually, teaching by zoom is great, and the kids really enjoy it.  Just like a normal lesson I’ll be able to see the kids do their Karate and so correct any mistakes, and they’ll be able to see their friends.  As a teacher what I’m excited about is that I’m able to show them youtube clips so they can see the great masters doing the moves—wow!   In this way the online lessons may be even better than normal lessons. Kids will even be able to grade online.

                      Anyway, if your child is interested please fill in the form below. Then next week I’ll email all those interested and take it from there.

Keep Safe,


Online Karate Lessons 

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