Tai Chi  Classes in Glastonbury & Wells

Due to the  Coronavirus crisis we are not running any new beginners group at this time. We'll update this page when the crisis is subsiding and we've arranged the dates and times of the next beginners classes.


Classes are taught by Clive George (video on right), and includes Chi Kung- energy exercises for health and longevity, followed by learning the Original Tai Chi Form of Yang Cheng Fu. Students benefit from having FREE access to over 20 online videos on this website, to help them learn Tai Chi to a high standard (access available for FREE after three lessons- normally costs £19/month).

All the classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

For the safety of students, due to the coronavirus crisis, we have suspended all Tai Chi classes until further notice.  I'll keep the classes page on my website updated about when the classes will restart (19th March).


Tai Chi is a soft and gentle exercise which re-balances your body's natural energy, and so brings about a state of health, relaxation, and inner tranquility.


While a discipline in it's own right, it is also an ideal supplimentary discipline for anyone following a spiritual, healing, or meditational path.

Class members also have FREE access to our fantastic online video resource, which normally costs £19/month ( free access starts after your 3rd lesson).


To book a place, and for more details, please either call on 07811 185 944 (text is best), or email clive@beacon-of-light-taichi.org