Beginners Virtual Tai Chi Class

For Healing  & Grounding

Every Thursday 10.30-11.30am

 Our online beginners class allows you to  learn Tai Chi in the safety of your own home, without the worry of training in an inside space full of other people. It focuses on Tai Chi for healing and grounding. In other word’s the course consists of gentle exercises to improve your health and to chill you out. The class is taught by Clive George (please watch the videos).

The class includes easy to do exercise routines such as the ancient 8 golden exercises; the Healing Form which as the name suggests is great for health; and the 8 basic Tai Chi move routine which release and stretch all different muscle groups of your body. They are done stationary so don’t take up too much room in your home.  I teach the lesson just as I would one of my regular lessons, but being online you have a front row position.

 No previous Tai Chi  knowledge is needed , and you can join the course whether your young or old, fit or unfit, healthy or unhealthy. There is one online lesson each week, which you can either see live, or recorded any time during the week on the same webpage, at a day and time to suit you.  You don’t need to be tech savvy to watch.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and if you do there is plenty more to learn. This class is the first part of the Beacon Of Light Tai Chi online journey, which can take you right up to teaching standard.  Click here to find out about our online video course for Beginners, Intermediate, and advanced Tai Chi

Your first lesson is FREE, no strings attached, and then it is only £24/month (£19 concessions), by Paypal Subscription, or standing order, which you can cancel at any time.  That’s only about £5.50 a week, far cheaper than joining a local Tai Chi class. 

To book your FREE virtual lesson please fill in the below form, and we'll email you the link the Monday following.

If you have any questions please let me know, and I look forward for you to join us

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