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I'Whether you’re new to Tai Chi, or an experienced practitioner, our FREE online videos gives you unlimited access to over 20 videos, and covers  every aspect of Tai Chi. Through the videos you can learn Tai Chi at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Taught by Clive, who has been teaching Tai Chi for over 30 years, each video is an hour long, and divided into easy 20 minute parts. Each video also goes through the Tai Chi step by step, and everything Clive says in his classes he says in the videos.  In the last part of each video he performs the moves with his back on the camera, to make it easier for you to follow. 

Signing Up includes:

Beginners Tai Chi Videos: Taking your first steps in Tai Chi

This set of videos focus on giving you the best start in Tai Chi. The videos consists  of learning the basic  Tai Chi moves for health and relaxation.  The videos cover:

  • The 10 move beginners Form Grasp The Dove's Tail.

  • Seated Tai Chi sequence for health and relaxation

  • What is Chi in Tai Chi

  • Healing Form

Tai Chi Form Videos: The Original Form of Yang Cheng Fu

There are many Tai Chi forms, some are very old and others are modern. Some of the forms have been created by Tai Chi practitioners with little experience, while others have been created by great masters.  The form taught here is the original form of one of the greatest Yang Family members, Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936). It is, therefore, a wonderful truly authentic form to learn. This Form actually starts with the moves of the Grasp The Dove's Tail Form, which of course has already been learned. Videos consist of

  • Choreography of the Form (1st and 2nd Sections)

  • 3 hours of instruction teaching the whole of the Form: 9 x 20 min videos making 9 videos in total.  

Martial Tai Chi Videos: The way to Peace

Peace has always eluded humankind. The Buddhists advocate non-violence and Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. But how is it possible to deal with violence without resorting to the violence we seek to stop? Rather than a long theological discourse, Tai Chi uses an eminently practical situation – a violent attacker stands in front of us- and through this real-life scenario Tai Chi reveals how to deal with violence in a non-violent way. Then this wisdom can then be extended in a far wider way. Videos include  

  • Tai Chi the Martial Way: The Combat, Martial Art and Self Deefence Applications of Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi Sword Form 

  • Fan Form.

Spiritual Tai Chi Videos: For healers, light-workers, and spiritual development

The name Tai Chi actually means 'great Ultimate' which is another name for 'Supreme Mind' or in the monotheistic tradition - 'God'. Indeed, legend has it that Tai Chi was given to humankind by an archangel (Immortal).

       Tai Chi is a spiritual and healing discipline. Tai Chi naturally leads a person from the physical, through the etheric (chi) to the spiritual. It is so perfect that it even has safeguards to protect the person along their spiritual journey. If ever there was a spiritual discipline given to humankind it is Tai Chi.  The videos included in this section are: 

  • Tai Chi, Yin- Yang and the Tao

  • 3 Circle Standing Chi Kung

  • Tai Chi and the Pau Kua (8 Energies)

  • Tai Chi using Light Visualizations

  • Attuning to the Angelic world through Tai Chi

  • Understanding the Form as a spiritual journey.

Taster Youtube Videos
Many of the videos you can see in full here are placed on Youtube as 'taster videos'- ie only 1/2 complete.  To give you an idea of the videos please take a browse below

Our Online  Community

As well as our videos we also have an online community through Facebook. Here members  share ideas, thoughts, problems, and of course videos. This is a closed Facebook group, and only open to  members. 


How to join!  It's FREE- No strings attached!!!

'Becoming part of our online video service is very easy to set up and is FREE - no strings attached

To join simply click the  Sign Up button below or at the top of the page. Set up your log in details -email address and password (we never get to see your password). We’ll then send you a confirmation email, and you’ll then be able to log in  and gain access to a treasure chest of Tai Chi videos- it's all yours.