Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of soft gentle movements which rebalance your body's natural energy, so bringing about a state of health, vitality, and inner tranquility. While a phenomenal discipline it's own right, it is also a perfect supplementary discipline for anyone following a healing, meditational or spiritual path.​

Beacon of Light Tai Chi is centered in Glastonbury, England, the ancient Isle of Avalon in Arthurian myth. Clive George, the  Tai Chi master of Beacon of Light, is one of the leading Tai Chi masters in the UK. He is a spiritual healer and has been learning Tai Chi for over 40 years. Having learned Tai Chi under some of the greatest masters of the time he was then called to Glastonbury, where he founded Beacon of Light Tai Chi. He is also the author of Tai Chi the Spiritual Way, and the DVD's Tai Chi the Martial Way and Tai Chi the Beginners Way.

For those who would like to join we hold a FREE by donation  Tai Chi class  every Monday in the ancient nave of St John's Church, Glastonbury. For those with more experience we hold a class in St Benedicts Church where students practice the Original Long Form of Yang Cheng Fu. As well as holding regular classes in Glastonbury, we also hold 1-2-1 and private group classes for those visiting Glastonbury.​

Tai Chi is an ideal supplementary exercise for any  spiritual, healing, or meditational group. If you are  involved in such a group, which you think would benefit from a Tai Chi course, demonstration, or seminar, then please visit our Invite Clive page.

WE ARE UNUSUAL because we do not charge for lessons- they are FREE by donation. But as we don’t receive any funding we rely on your kind donations. It costs over £1,500 to keep our classes going, so please give £5 or whatever you can afford,  either before or after the class, or online below.

If we can help you then you can email us via our Contact Us page. Thank you.

Tai Chi- I Haven't Got The Words

Tai Chi- I Haven't Got The Words

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